The Best Wine Clubs of 2020

Last Updated: Nov - 25 - 2020

While fortune tellers use the lines on your palm to guess your future, a group of scientists is leveraging the power of statistics to find out what exactly who you are and who you’re likely to be in the future! A recent study has revealed that when it comes to your wine preferences, it can say a lot about who you are, how popular you are socially, and even how much money you’ll likely earn in the future. Will your wine preference be a better predictor of your future than your palm? Let’s find out!

Career and Money

If you love red wine, this could be your lucky day! More than 50% of red wine drinkers have an academic degree and earn an average of $60,000 per year. But it doesn’t end here – 65% of these ambitious red-wine drinkers have their eyes set on advancing further up the career ladder and earn greater amounts of money. White wine drinkers earn an overage of $40,000 and about 40% have attended university. White wine drinkers are also far less likely to be interested in getting a promotion, with around 40% admitting that are not ambitious in their career.


Red wine drinkers are only the wealthiest of the wine drinkers, they are also the most likely to be happily married. Up to 86% of them state they are very satisfied with the relationships in their life. White wine drinkers are far less likely to get married, but at least 85% of them claim to be happy being single. White wine drinkers are also much more likely to enjoy social media, while red wine drinkers tend to value real-life friendships more.


25% of red wine drinkers take, on average, 3 overseas holidays each year. But that’s not all – red wine drinkers take and additional 3 or more local vacations each year! White wine drinkers have a more local preference, with most not leaving the country.


White wine drinkers describe themselves as smart, practical, shy and reserved. Meanwhile, the fun seems to be on the other camp as red wine drinkers describe themselves as charming, warm and outgoing.

Change Your Future with Your Wine Choice Now!

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