The Best Wine Clubs of 2020

Last Updated: Jan - 25 - 2021

It’s a 2019 and like previous years, there are a number of trends going on in the wine business that you should definitely know about!

Wine Clubs Are on the Rise

If you went back in time, even just a few short years, you’d find that mainstream interest in wine wasn’t anywhere near its current-day levels. There are a lot of factors at play here, but one of the major contributors to today’s wine popularity is actually the prominence of wine clubs. You see, when there’s so much to learn about any given wine, beginners may find it a bit overwhelming and prefer to stick to other beverages. To make things easy, Wine Clubs take you through the process of finding the perfect wine for your preferences by focusing on approachability and only offering helpful information. As you rate your wines and provide feedback, these wine clubs will fine-tune themselves and send you wines that will match you perfectly!

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More Varieties from All Over the World

2019 started strong for some of the less-obvious wine-producing countries. Every climate and vineyard carry their own unique taste and character, meaning that you’ll get to try exquisitely rare tastes and flavors this year. The best way to start is to look for grape types and regions that aren’t immediately associated with wine, such as Austria, Africa and even the Middle-East. Lucky for us, imported wine is becoming more and more prevalent in the U.S., making our efforts to try new and exciting flavors much more manageable!

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Knowing a Lot About Wine Is Cool Now

Remember when many people would have considered you snobbish for talking too much about wine? Well, it’s changing at a rapid pace and today, you will find more and more people talk openly about wine without being judged too harshly! We have wine delivery/club services to thank for that, as their no-nonsense attitude and approachability are really trickling down and reaching our parties. Be proud, my fellow wine-drinkers!

Less Is More? It Is, in 2019!

One of the biggest 2019 wine trends is the growing popularity of minimum-intervention wines. These wines are often fresh, light and offer an easy drinking experience that won’t bog you down. You can expect this trend to extend into regularly-made wines, with lighter wines making a big comeback and taking away some of the spotlight from our fully-flavored red friends. One of the biggest advantages of minimum-intervention wine is how well they mix with a variety of foods, giving us a lot more flexibility in any meal or celebration.

It’s Going to Be a Great Year

If you think about it, 2019 is perfectly lined to be a great year for wine fans! First, we have wine clubs to help us find better wines that suit our preferences. Second, these wine clubs are doing a great job at curating a wide variety of wines from all over the world, meaning you’ll get try exciting new flavors, prepared in a variety of methods. The best part is that as you get more familiar with your wine club, you’ll be gaining tons of knowledge on the topic, giving you an easy way to impress everyone at your next big celebration!

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