The Best Wine Clubs of 2020

Last Updated: Nov - 23 - 2020

According to Shepherd, the act of tasting wine is a very engaging activity for the human brain, sometimes more significantly than activities such as solving a math problem or listening to music. It involves several organs, such as your tongue, jaw and throat canal, as well as a complex series of smell receptors that are a real part of the brain. Shepherd claims that this large-scale activity translates into what he calls a “high cognitive load”, otherwise known as thinking carefully amongst non-scientists.

And just like your body increases its mass and strength as a result of a good workout, so does your brain. Wine evokes a wide range of activities that essentially a “workout” for your brain, giving you a wonderful opportunity to engage in a fun wine-tasting activity while still preparing yourself for the week ahead. College students will be delighted.

How to Take Advantage of this Amazing Discovery

If tasting new wines is the way to boost your brainpower, you want to find yourself the most cost-efficient and fun way to taste as many wines as possible. This is exactly where wine clubs truly shine. Most wine clubs send a box of wine to your home every few weeks (or months), filled with new wines from the finest wineries in the world. Here are our top choices, each with entirely different advantages:


This wine club leverages some spiffy science to analyze your wine preferences in order to choose the best bottles to send over to you. All of this high-tech magic going on in the background ensures that you’ll gain more enjoyment out of every wine bottle. Membership at the club gets you 4 bottles delivered to your door every month.


With over 32 years of experience, Wine Insiders is one of the most experienced wine clubs you can find. With so much knowledge and experience, Wine Insiders knows how to suit your preferences based on dozens of years in the business. You’ll receive 12 bottles every 12 weeks, giving you plenty of chances to boost your brainpower with new wine tastings!

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